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Tomato Talk by Red Gold Tomatoes

Tomato Talk


Welcome to "Tomato Talk" from Red Gold Tomatoes, the trusted source for all your tomato needs. With over 80 years of experience as a family-owned company, we are tomato experts dedicated to sharing our knowledge with you. From the history of this delicious fruit to its culinary uses, we provide valuable information for seasoned chefs and home cooks alike. Learn about different tomato varieties, selecting the best ones, proper storage techniques, and preparation tips. At Red Gold Tomatoes, we prioritize family, experience, and expertise to meet all your tomato-related needs. Join us as we delve into the world of "Tomato Talk" and discover the joy it brings to your kitchen and life.



Red Gold Tomatoes Challenge


Introducing the Red Gold Challenge, a chance for our loyal customers to share with others how much they enjoy our products in the many meals and dishes they prepare for family and friends. So go ahead, let the world know about it! Click the link below and take the Red Gold Challenge today!


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  • The Art of Food Preservation: Canning Tomatoes

    Join us as we take a deep-dive into canning tomatoes and why, for decades, this cuisine technique continues to be a favored practice from generation to generation.
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  • What Types of Canned Tomatoes Are Best for Sauces?

    There are many canned tomato options out there, but which is the best choice for your tomato sauce recipe? Read more to find out from the experts!
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  • What is Cocktail Sauce: History and Recipe

    Cocktail sauce seems to be an enigma – like it’s always been around? From early childhood family parties to the fancier dinner parties of adulthood, it’s been a constant, delicious treat to enjoy. But, it had to start somewhere, right?
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  • Understanding the Difference between Tomato Sauce, Tomato Puree, and Tomato Paste

    Let Red Gold put your mind at ease as we delve into the differences between tomato sauce, tomato puree, and tomato paste, their uses in cooking, and we’ll also present a few delicious recipes.
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