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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Do you use BPA-free containers?

A.  Yes, all of our containers are now BPA-free. Now before you can ask about taking out BPA and putting in something else…let us tell you! Our BPA FREE CONTAINERS DO NOT CONTAIN BPS, BPF, or phthalates. The lining inside the can puts a barrier between the tomatoes and the tin-free steel. The lining may be various colors of gold, but it is all the same BPA-free lining…a high-performance polyester (not the same as your pants!) and has been developed and tested repeatedly by our container suppliers and us for safety, shelf-life, and flavor protection.

Q.  Are your containers recyclable?

A.  Every one of them!  You don’t want to stand in one place too long at Red Gold, as we copiously recycle!  We recycle plastic, metal banding, white paper, cardboard, fiberboard, glass, writing utensils, magazines and batteries.  We also recycle the vines and peels from the tomatoes, turning some of them into silage for cattle and some of them into compost.  At Red Gold, we’re obsessive about producing the best tomatoes in the most sustainable and environmentally conscious way…it’s the right thing to do.  Learn more about our sustainable practices >

Q.  What does 'best by' mean?

A.  Here’s what it is!  The ‘best by’ date is a guarantee that the product within will have the best quality if used by the ‘best by’ date.

Q.   What if I cannot locate the 'best by' date?

A.  Generally speaking the shelf life of our unopened canned products is about three years. If you have had a can on your pantry shelf for a really long time, look at the can carefully…if it is leaking or swollen, do not open it and discard the can.

Q.  What is the shelf life of canned tomato products after they have been opened?

A. We recommend that you store opened canned tomato products and juices in a sealed plastic or glass container for no more than 7 days in the refrigerator. Remember, our products contain NO PRESERVATIVES! The most important thing to remember is that cans are ‘preserving’ containers, but once the seal is broken, cans are not meant to be ‘storage’ containers.

Q.  Can I re-use a plastic container?

A.  You can, but we wouldn’t! It is a one-time-use container. The plastic container is meant to preserve the product (such as ketchup or juice) and use only until the product is consumed.

Q.  Can I use dented cans?

A.  Always examine a dented can before opening to ensure that it is not swollen, leaking or that the rim and seal are not dented. The ‘can’ is probably the safest container on the planet, because it alerts you of a’s either swollen, leaking or so dented that it has the propensity to leak.

Q.  I left a case of Red Gold products in the trunk of my car and they froze (or sweltered)...are they still good to use?

A.  We recommend that all canned goods be stored at ambient temperatures…that means in the house! Our tomatoes get lonely in the trunk

Q. I see one of your ketchup bottles states 46 ounces net weight and your juice can states 46 fluid ounces.  What is the difference?

A. Good question! Ketchup is sold by net weight, meaning the contents within the bottle, when put on a scale, actually weigh 46 ounces. Juice is sold by fluid ounces, meaning the contents within the can or bottle, when measured into a measuring cup, equal 46 ounces. 46 ounces measured into a cup and 46 ounces weighed on a scale are two entirely different forms of measurement!


Q.  Are Red Gold products made in the USA?

A. They are not only manufactured in the USA (Indiana to be specific), but our tomatoes are grown in the most luscious soil in the USA…Indiana, Ohio and Michigan! Over 50 family farms grow over 14,000 acres of tomatoes for Red Gold, all within a 200 mile radius of our manufacturing facilities.

Q.  Sometimes I see tiny white, c-shaped items in my whole peeled, diced or crushed tomato products...What are they?

A. Our tomatoes are soooo ripe when we pick them, you just might see these in any whole peeled, diced, sliced or crushed product.  What you are seeing is the interior of the seed structure after a seed has been compressed.  Cut open a very ripe tomato, take out a seed and press on it with your thumb.  A little white, c-shaped structure will pop out.  When isolated by themselves, without the luscious tomato wrapped around them, they can have a worm-like appearance.  If you see these in your product, no need to worry...they are just another part of the tomato and are fully safe and edible.

Q.  Are canned tomatoes already cooked and ready to eat, or do I have to cook them to use them?

A. The very essence of canning is to preserve the tomato by cooking it in the can, WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES.  Although canned tomatoes are most often used as an ingredient (pasta sauce, chili, soups, etc.) where you will actually cook them, they are also great right out the can...ready-to-eat!  Throw them in a blender to make homemade salsa or drain them and use on salads, tacos and bruschetta!

Q.  What type of tomatoes do you grow?

A. We grow NON GMO Roma tomatoes with the optimum combination of heartiness, texture, sweetness, color, and consistency…and oh, yes, they taste heavenly!

Q.  Do Red Gold tomatoes contain GMO's?

A.  Well, we get this question…a lot!  Now we know better than anyone that there are no GMO tomatoes…seriously, we know this. However, our products may contain salt, sweeteners, vinegar, and spices that our loyal consumers want to know about as well.  We aren’t going to take sides in the GMO debate, but just so you know, our products do not contain any GMO’s as evidenced by the Non-GMO Project Verified icon on our front labels…you know, the one with the butterfly!

Q.  So, is ketchup Non GMO too?

A.  We have something for everyone! Our Organic, 'Made with Real Sugar' and Naturally Balanced ketchups are Non-GMO verified. Our other ketchup offerings are made with corn sweeteners.

Q.  Are Red Gold Products gluten-free?

A.  Yes, all of our Red Gold tomato products are GLUTEN FREE!

Q.  Does your product contain any of the 8 common allergens?

A. Red Gold products do not contain, nor are they in any way cross-contaminated with milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soybeans. They are also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites. All of our products comply with the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protections Act of 2004. If you are allergic to something else, and need to know if we use it in our products, we will be pleased to answer the question you send to

Q.  Do you add MSG to any of your products?

A.  No, no, no!  MSG is used as a flavor enhancer and we believe our beautiful Midwest grown tomatoes need NO enhancing!  Count 'em, that's 4 No's!

Q.  Are there nutrients that aren't listed on the back panel of the label?

A.  Oh my yes!  Tomatoes are super-good for you!  There are too many nutrients to list all fo them on the nutritional facts panel, but all of our "branded" labels include the government's mandatory labeling requirements for nutrition.

Q.  What is lycopene?

A.  Lycopene is the red pigment of the tomatoes. It is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates dangerous free radicals and protects our cells. A lycopene-rich diet may do the following:

  • lower the risk of prostate and other cancers
  • reduce inflammation and cholesterol
  • protect against strokes and blood clots
  • improve immune function

Although a recommended amount of lycopene has not been established, the Harvard Medical School published a report in Harvard Health Publications that recommends 10,000 micrograms of lycopene per day from ‘food’. Every tomato contains lycopene, but cooked and concentrated tomatoes contain even more lycopene than the raw fruit. Tomato juice has just under 22,000 micrograms per cup! Break out that Red Gold Fresh Tomato Juice and drink up!

Q.  Do you make any No Salt Added products?

A.  By definition, Tomato Paste and Tomato Puree are products that have no salt added, but we also produce several other no salt added tomato products.  No Salt Added products are always recognizable by the light blue color band on our label.  Click for our full product line-up >

Q.  Is the tomato a fruit or veggie?

A.  It's a fruit, usually eaten as a vegetable! (Just so you know, rhubarb is a vegetable, eaten as a fruit...and no, we don't can rhubarb!)

Q.  Does Red Gold use animal products?

A.  Just when we thought we were getting the hang of whether a tomato was a fruit or a veggie, we introduce a conversation about animals!  The only animal product we would have in our products is cheese in some of our pasta sauces and it would be clearly labeled on the surprise animal products!

Q.  Do you use High Fructose Corn Syrup?

A.  We use both cane sugar and HFCS to offer consumers a choice in ingredients as well as a choice with pricing.

Q. What do Natural Flavorings mean in the ingredient statement?

A.  Although natural flavorings do not add to the nutrition content, they do add flavor to our recipes.  Our natural flavors do not contain, nor are they in any way cross-contaminated with milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree-nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, casein, potato, sesame or sulfites.  If you have a specific allergen, please contact with your question.

Q.  What are 'natural flavors and spices' and why are they not listed per item on your labels?

A.  'Natural flavors and spices’ are naturally sourced ingredients used to enhance the taste of many foods. Many of the components used to make them are extractives, oils and compounds derived from various plants, spices and herbs to deliver a specific aroma or flavor. Because they are highly concentrated and used in minute amounts, current regulations in the food industry do not require manufacturers to list them…that could result in some mighty small print! That said, they still must meet a variety of very strict food safety and sourcing requirements. As always, please feel free to contact us toll free at (866-729-7187) if you need further information concerning the products that we produce.

Q.  Is tomato juice 'low glycemic'?

A.  Yes, tomato juice has one of the lowest glycemic indexes of all juices. Tomato juice is packed with the antioxidant lycopene, as well as vitamins C, E and K!

Q.  Are your products Kosher certified?

A.  We only source Kosher certified ingredients and all three of our processing facilities in Indiana are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).  Look for the OU symbol on our products.

Q.  What sort of quality certifications do our facilities have?

A.  Our facilities have the highest safety and quality certifications attainable (SQF III, NON GMO Project Verified, Orthodox Union Kosher, USDA DOVS and USDA Organic).  Our facilities are the best in the industry and we only process one thing...tomatoes!

Q.  I cannot find your product in my local store - Help!

A.  Well, that's a bummer!  We would like for all of our yummy tomato products to be in every grocery store.  Try accessing the Store Locator on our website to check availability of our products in your area or call us toll-free at 866-729-7187 for help with this dilemma.  Asking your grocery store manager to acquire our products is really helpful!  If they simply can't stock what you're looking for, check out our online store.  We've listed some of our most popular Red Gold, Redpack, Tuttorosso and Sacramento products for sale.  Our Store Locator can be found here >

Q.  Where can I get recipes?

A.  We've got lots of recipes and so much more on our websites.  Once there, sign up for the eNewsletter to receive the newest recipes tested in our Red Gold kitchen, along with information about new products!

Q.  Are you active on social media?

A.  Connect with us by clicking on the links for social media, located in the top-right corner of each of our brands' websites.

Q.  What do you produce besides tomato products?

A.  Not a darn thing!  We take what most consumers would think of as a common ordinary tomato and make it into an extraordinary delight.  Check out all of our products by clicking here >