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Authentic Italian Favorites with Red Gold Tomatoes

Make any night Italian favorites night! At Red Gold we turn everyday meals into delicious family favorites because they are the best tomato products, made with the passion and care of our family, for yours. These days we are cooking more at home, getting take out or calling for delivery. Bring the kids to the kitchen and let them help with dinner tonight. It could be any variation of primavera, lasagna, or spaghetti, everyone is sure to find a new Italian favorite. Look for quality Red Gold tomatoes at a retailer near you!

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Image of Baked Spaghetti with diced tomatoes scooped onto dish

Baked Spaghetti

A comforting baked spaghetti casserole with plenty of melted cheese is the perfect dish for potlucks, family gatherings, or a weeknight dinner.

Image of thin crust pizza baked and person pulling a slice with melted cheese

Thin Crust Individual Pizzas

These thin crust pizzas are made with pantry staples and NO yeast. Fresh, cheesy pizza with our vine-ripened whole peel tomatoes for pizza that is better than any delivery!

Image of Rustic Italian Chicken on plate with vegetables pasta in background

Rustic Italian Chicken

Savory chicken thighs are slow-cooked to perfection along with fresh vegetables and Italian seasoning. A simple recipe that requires little effort or time in the morning, ready and waiting for you when you come home after a long day.

Image of Instant Pot Pizza Pasta in white bowls

Instant Pot Pizza Pasta

Everything you love about pizza, in a pasta dish! You may think delivery is the best option for a quick dinner, but your Instant Pot is the real secret for a quick weeknight meal.

Image of Classic Lasagna on white plate with a fork

Classic Lasagna

A meatier version of our all-in-one lasagna, we added lean ground beef or ground turkey for a heartier twist on this classic Italian dish. If you like it spicy, use Hot Italian Sausage for a zesty kick.

Overhead image of pizza soup with canned diced tomatoes sliced mushrooms italian sausage pepperoni and cheese in a white bowl next to fresh basil

Cheesy Pizza Soup

An out-of-box pizza inspired recipe; pizza soup! A warm, hearty soup perfect for chilly days, tailgates, weeknights or whenever! This is "souper" easy to put together, you'll make it over and over!

Image of Italian Pizza Burgers with pizza sauce and melted cheese

Italian Pizza Burgers

We took burgers to a whole new level. A juicy burger that is perfectly seasoned and topped with a red wine sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Both kids and adults will love these.

Image of Sausage Rigatoni Bake pasta dish with diced tomatoes sausage and cheese

Sausage Rigatoni Bake

Rigatoni is a tube shaped pasta like penne or ziti, but bigger. This baked pasta is a lot like lasagna, hearty and full of flavor, but easier to put together and on the table in under an hour! Leftovers can easily be frozen for easy meals later on. Make it tonight!

Image of pizza stuffed chicken on white plate and casserole dish in background on wood table

Pizza Stuffed Chicken

We stuff juicy chicken breasts with pepperoni, Italian sausage, mozzarella, pizza sauce and our Diced Tomatoes Basil, Garlic and Oregano for maximum pizza flavor.

Image of chicken primavera pasta dish with vegetables and tomatoes on platter with parmesan cheese

Chicken Primavera

There’s almost nothing a bit of fettuccine, skinless chicken breast and fresh Parmesan cheese can’t fix. This simple and protein-packed recipe will have all your guests reaching for seconds.

Image of Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza slice cut and pulled away from pizza

Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza

A mash-up of the Philly iconic sandwich and pizza in one delicious pie! Tender sirloin, our steam-packed fresh diced tomatoes, bell pepper and onion is topped with two types of cheese all on a grilled pizza crust.

Image of roast beef panini with tomato aioli cheese and sliced red onion

Roast Beef Panini with Roasted Garlic Aioli

Lean roast beef is layered with cheese, onion and red bell peppers, and then toasted to perfection. Garlic becomes savory and buttery when roasted. Add it to a light mayonnaise and you have something special to spread on this sandwich!