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Welcome to "Tomato Talk" from Red Gold Tomatoes, the trusted source for all your tomato needs. With over 80 years of experience as a family-owned company, we are tomato experts dedicated to sharing our knowledge with you. From the history of this delicious fruit to its culinary uses, we provide valuable information for seasoned chefs and home cooks alike. Learn about different tomato varieties, selecting the best ones, proper storage techniques, and preparation tips. At Red Gold Tomatoes, we prioritize family, experience, and expertise to meet all your tomato-related needs. Join us as we delve into the world of "Tomato Talk" and discover the joy it brings to your kitchen and life.



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Introducing the Red Gold Challenge, a chance for our loyal customers to share with others how much they enjoy our products in the many meals and dishes they prepare for family and friends. So go ahead, let the world know about it! Click the link below and take the Red Gold Challenge today!


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Joseph Gleason Jul 18, 2023 15:20 PM

When Shopping for Canned Tomatoes, Which Brand Should I Choose?

When you are looking for the best canned tomatoes to use in a favorite recipe, choosing the right brand can be a bit confusing. We know it’s hard to compare brands by just looking at a bunch of unopened cans in the grocery store. 

Even though you can’t see the tomatoes you buy until you get home, this handy checklist will help you know what to look for on each can.  
As you read through the list, we are proud to say that Red Gold canned tomatoes scores a big “Yes” in every category!   
Since 1942, our family owned company’s mission has been to produce the freshest, best tasting tomato products in the world.  We get our tomatoes only from a selected group of Midwest family farms. Picked at the peak of freshness, our canned tomatoes are bursting with flavor and color.  By putting all of their focus into tomatoes and only tomatoes, Red Gold has become the most awarded tomato brand in the nation.
Let’s go over what to look for on the label of top quality canned tomatoes. 

Family Owned, Grown, & Made in the USA   

The best canned tomatoes come from American, family owned farms, where the utmost care and attention can be given to the plants growing in the fields. 
Farming families take a great amount of pride in what they produce, and this commitment to quality can be seen in the beautiful tomatoes they harvest each year.  
The same can be said about a family owned and operated company.  Family-owned companies are more trustworthy than a faceless corporation, more stable, and make quality a higher priority.   

Nothing Artificial 

Top quality canned tomatoes should get their deep red color and flavorful taste naturally, without the need for artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 

Non-GMO Project Verified Ingredients  

In addition, it is preferable that all of the ingredients used in canned tomato products are certified Non-GMO vs bioengineered, ensuring that buyers get only the best in every can. 

Allergen Friendly 

The best canned tomatoes should also be free of common allergens including:
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Egg
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • Shell Fish
  • Soy
  • Fish
  • Sesame
  • Casein
  • Sulfites



Certified Kosher 

Being Certified Kosher is also a great sign of quality with regard to canned tomato products. Foods that receive approval to be labeled Kosher have met strict compliance standards. 


There is never a need to involve animal products in the production and canning of tomatoes. The finest canned tomatoes will always be Vegan friendly.   

Sustainably Produced 

Top quality canned tomato brands should always operate and maintain facilities that minimize their environmental impact, and are dedicated to conserving energy and natural resources. 

Non-BPA /BPS Liner Cans 

Some canned tomato products have a “metal taste” when they are eaten, because of the type of lining used in each can. Look for brands, like Red Gold, that utilize Non-BPA/BPS lined cans to ensure you get nothing but full tomato flavor every time.     

100% Recyclable 

The cans that tomatoes come in are 100% recyclable. Why not have the best quality canned tomatoes and be able to help the environment at the same time?   Tetra Packs are not currently being recycled in the United States and should be avoided.  The metal can is superior and the most recycled package in the world, in fact it is infinitely recyclable. 

An Actual Tomato Company 

Many tomato brands out there are owned by mega corporations that make everything from dog food to pie filling with no real interest in being the best…just being the biggest.   Choose a tomato brand that focuses on tomatoes only and you’ll be amazed at the difference in quality. 

Take the Red Gold Challenge!  

See for yourself how Red Gold produces the best canned tomato products by participating in the Red Gold Challenge! We are confident that Red Gold will be the hands down champion!


Take the Red Gold Tomatoes Challenge


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