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Tomato Talk


Welcome to "Tomato Talk" from Red Gold Tomatoes, the trusted source for all your tomato needs. With over 80 years of experience as a family-owned company, we are tomato experts dedicated to sharing our knowledge with you. From the history of this delicious fruit to its culinary uses, we provide valuable information for seasoned chefs and home cooks alike. Learn about different tomato varieties, selecting the best ones, proper storage techniques, and preparation tips. At Red Gold Tomatoes, we prioritize family, experience, and expertise to meet all your tomato-related needs. Join us as we delve into the world of "Tomato Talk" and discover the joy it brings to your kitchen and life.



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Introducing the Red Gold Challenge, a chance for our loyal customers to share with others how much they enjoy our products in the many meals and dishes they prepare for family and friends. So go ahead, let the world know about it! Click the link below and take the Red Gold Challenge today!


Take the Red Gold Tomatoes Challenge

Joseph Gleason Jul 18, 2023 15:20 PM

A Handy Checklist for Choosing the Best Quality Canned Tomatoes

When it comes to making delicious meals for family and friends, quality ingredients are essential. This is especially true for the canned tomatoes you use in all your recipes. The level of canned tomato quality can mean the difference between preparing a ho-hum, nothing to write home about meal, and one that people will never forget. 

Since 1942, family owned Red Gold Tomatoes has produced the freshest, highest quality canned tomatoes in the world. So how do you know how to choose the best canned tomatoes to serve on your table? Don’t worry, we have made the process easy for you!

We know it’s difficult to try to choose the best canned tomatoes by just looking at a bunch of unopened cans in the grocery store, so, we encourage you to buy your current brand of choice and compare them to Red Gold.  The best way to judge the quality of a tomato brand is by starting with whole peeled tomatoes, this is what is used to make all other forms (diced, stewed, etc.) of our tomatoes.  

This handy checklist will tell you everything you need to know to become an expert in choosing the absolute best canned tomatoes. 

1. Red Color – Canned tomatoes should never be dull in color or pale looking. Avoid tomatoes that have green or yellow shoulders.  The stronger the hue of red, the higher quality a tomato is going to be. Tomatoes that are left to ripen completely on the vine will be the higher quality tomato.

2. Size Uniformity – How consistent are the sizes of each tomato in a can? Cans that contain both large and small tomatoes may indicate a quality issue. In addition, choosing a brand that provides consistent sizing is always a better value. You get more tomatoes for every dollar spent and consistent flavor.

3. Integrity - Let’s face it, nobody wants to use soft, mushy tomatoes in their meals. Some brands of tomatoes over process their tomatoes and they end up exploding, losing flavor and become unappetizing.   Don’t jeopardize the deliciousness of your meals by using watery, mushy tomatoes. Trust us, your guests and family will notice the difference!    

4. Amount of Peel & Seeds in Each Can – One of the first signs of low quality canned tomatoes is the amount of peel and seeds present. This is an indication that the preparation process for canning wasn’t as good as it should be. Just remember: Excessive peels and seeds are bad!  No one wants to crunch on tomato seeds or have peels stuck to the roof of their mouth.  

5. Juice (Media) – In the canned tomato business, the juice that comes with the tomatoes is called the media. Look for media that is thick and has a vibrant red color. Thin, watery media and faded color screams poor quality and no taste.  Some brands will use thick media to hide the color of their tomatoes, a simple rinse with cold water will show the true quality of a peeled tomato.  

6. Intensity of Flavor – If the canned tomatoes you bought don’t taste like they were picked at the peak of freshness, there is a better option! Top quality canned tomatoes practically jump from the can, bursting with mouthwatering flavor.   They also shouldn’t taste like the package; inferior tomatoes will taste metallic or have a strong pineapple taste.  

Red Gold Canned Tomatoes is the Only Choice!

For more than 80 years, family owned Red Gold Tomatoes has insisted that only the best quality and freshest tomatoes make it into our products. Grown on 35 Midwest farms and picked at the height of freshness, our tomatoes are bursting with color, firmness and flavor. 

We are the first brand to offer Non-GMO Project Verified Ingredients and Non-BPA/BPS lined cans so your tomatoes taste fresh off the vine. Our patented Steam Packed Fresh process ensures our tomatoes are preserved using only heat, so we never need to use any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 

Take the Red Gold Challenge Today!  

Red Gold Tomato stands by its promise of unmatched quality. It is one thing to check all of the boxes, but another to deliver on quality each time you open a can. See for yourself by taking the Red Gold Challenge! You won’t be surprised when Red Gold Tomatoes far exceeds all competitors in color, size, and texture!


Take the Red Gold Tomatoes Challenge


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